Saturday, April 21, 2012

What are You Gonna Be♥

Peace upon you and big HELLO ♥
Jyeah ~ Today's post , by looking at the Tittle:) , Yes , great Question . What are you Gonna be? Answer ...................................................................>>>> 100% completed
Great ! mom keeps saying , You must have an Ambition .
*A person without an ambition is a person without life and food *
alalala ~ Good point , mom . Still , I'm going to say I don't know .
Then , mom ask . What line will you take in the form 4 ?
Pure science ? accounting ? Literature ? ICT ?
Sorry mom . I still not sure and I don't want to think about that yet . ♥
Let me focus on PMR first , dear mum:) and get that flying colors result , Insya-Allah to give it to you and then we'll discuss about it .
Allah knows the best, mum . One fine day , I'll find that Occupation .
But maybe not for now , I won't :)
Pray for me mum . Your blessing are the best besides Allah the Mighty:)
I'm trying to fulfill what you wanted for me to do .
and I love you ,mum :')
Without you , I'll never be here today ♥
SO . THE END about that tittle .
I'll end my post for today . kbye . Peace:) Wsalamualaikum.