Friday, April 27, 2012

I'm back !

"This is what happens in Tom and Jerry's
Peace upon you and Hello peeps :) . Okay like used to Today I met my home back ~ and I'll be back to school in the next two days :) and the next Sunday (6/5/2012) will be the Open Day . Hello May* , Like usual ,   my class will be selling some foods and drinks . *Don't forget to buy it , dear bainunians :P* .After that will be the P.P.T 's exam . *okay , CREEPY =,=" . Form 1 sejarah semua topik pulak tuu O.O (dah leee blur banyak dengan Sejarah nii ). Science pun , jangan penah pandang remeh . *Huh . ituu lagilaaa pening . But I'll try my VERY best for this upcoming P.P.T ni. Insya-Allah , kalau kite belajar sngguh2  dan doa , kalau ada rezeki, Allah kabulkan  :') Amin . Okay , Motive pasal gambar tuu ? Yes ada motive actually . Well , I'll be having a mock debate next Wednesday with the form twos' and the form ones . Kay , I'm the Opposition with Aminin and Asmiatun while Team Government means our Opponents are Arisha , Raja and Aizat . The motion that will be debating next Wednesday is ..................................................................................................100 % completed
"This house believes that why Jerry Mouse should be Sue by Tom Cat" , Weird and funny much isn't it? 
Teacher Aishah said *It's just for practice , learning for us to develop our confidence , speaking and e.t.c . Well, but so far Raja wanted to exchange places with me . Meaning , she wants to team up with Aminin and I guess , Arisha also too . Maybe I'll be the team Government and support the case with Aizat and Asmiatun but we are not sure yet for we haven't told Teacher Aishah yet . So we'll see what happens next Wednesday. Okay , I have Homework to do and Points to find . By that I'll end my post .
 p/s : To orchestra family who joined The Pop competition , Goodluck and do your Very best. ♥ 
Wsalamualaikum :)